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ChromaTemp® Free Flowing Thermochromic Powders are formulated for use in aqueos and non-aqueous ink, Masterbatch and coating systems that change from colour to colourless as temperature rises, with the colour reappearing when the temperature is reduced again.

The Thermochromic effect is a highly effective route to product promotion and differentiation. As well as being used as a marketing tool, ChromaTemp can be used for a wide variety of functional applications including safety and security. The uses for ChromaTemp are limited only by the imagination.

thermochromic pigments table

Chromatemp of different colors can be mixed with each other, or blended with other dyes and pigments.
Available activation temperature ranges from -15°C to 70°C. Colors printed below may be different from real ones. Please refer to the real color as standard


Standard activation is 20°C, 31°C and 43°C. Other temperature is available upon request.


ChromaTemp become colorless under high temperature and return to their original color when temperature drops. Such process is reversible.