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What is NSP?
NSP is pigment dispersion targeting for mainly high-grade plastic paint.

– Selling Point

1. High transparency (80nm-400nm)
2. High Stabilization
3. Easy to use

-Liquid type
-Customer needs no dispersion

Our Target Market

・The field of design-related necessary & high-value added paint
Cellular phone, Electric appliances, Cosmetic container, Automobile interior, Motor-cycle, Bicycle, glass etc.
・The field requires weather-fastness, not with dye ・The field of functionality that transparency is necessary

Inks for gravure printings
Film coating
Retro-reflective sheet

Available version:

ACZ: Pigment/MIBK/CaB
ACW: Pigment/Water/Acrylic Resin
VH: Pigment/MIBK/PVC
ACY: Pigment/MIBK/Acrylic Resin
C Powder/Sand: Pigment/CaB
ARCSOLV: Pigment/PMA/Aromatic Solvent