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chromalite L'arca

Chromalite generates unique optical illusions that show multiple colors depending on the viewing angle. With strong mirror-like effects, Chromalite series is controlled by strict particle size distributions and multi-layer metal oxide coatings. Delivering high luster and strong variation color effects.

Application Characteristics
Our Chromalite series is suitable for coating applications, such as industrial coatings, powder, leather coatings and dispersion paints. Chromalite series also gives fascinating color shifts to plastics and print products.
For nail polish designer, the formulation with our Chameleon series could be a good choice. Such fascinating changing color never faded in color trend of nail polish.

Chromalite X

Chromalite X Series is an aluminum-based multicolor pigment with iridescence effects by changing the viewing angle.
Suitable mainly for Solvent-based systems such as Ethyl Acetate (esters) or Acetone (Ketones), using Glycols it is also suitable for limited times for water systems.

Chromalite LuX

Chromalite LuX is a unique material consisting of an ultra thin interference film which superimposed forms microns in size. Unlike normal and many special effect pigments, Chromlite LuX pigment is thin, flat and highly specular (mirror-like). Chromalite LuX pigment is produced by the deposition of ultra-thin layers similar to those that are sometimes found in nature, such as soap bubbles, butterfly wings or shells. The precise control of the thickness of the multilayers in the flake structure of the pigment produces different colors. To maintain close color tolerance, the layer thickness must be checked within a few atoms.
The color of the Chromalite LuX pigment is the result of a thin film interference phenomenon. The color of the Chromalite LuX pigment is generated when the overlapping of the layers of the material causes the interference of light waves.