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ChromTherm is a microcapsule product that contains phase change material, PCM*
The functional product absorbs heat as surrounding temperature goes up, and slow releases it as temperature goes down.

When the product is applied to clothes, the thermal storage microcapsule makes it phase changed by the temperature change in the external environment and skin to cause heat absorption or heat release.

Such action is employed to give cooling and warming effect on the human body and theraby improve a wearer’s thermal freshness.

+What is PCM? PCM stands for phase change material. It means a material whose phase change causes heat absorption and heat release according to the change of the external temperature.

Measurement by Infrared Thermal Camera

+ Blank paper: General copy paper
+ Coating Thickness: 25 µm
+ Measurement Method: Sample Coated
with thermal storage microcapsule and black
sample are heated 10 minutes in the 70°C oven.
After that, They are measured by an infrared
Thermal camera.

Thermal Storage Graph of ChromTherm Serie

° ChromTherm 28
° ChromTherm 35
° Blank