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Pearlescent Pigments

Arcpearl® Pigments is a kind of sandwich crystal made of natural mica (or other nonmetal wafers) coated with one layer or multilayer of metal or nonmetal oxides whose thickness is controlled precisely.
Relying on reflecting and refracting rays to create different color phases and luster, it reapperars elegant luster and flowery colors of natural pearls, shells, butterflies and metals.
Pearlescent pigment is a kind of inorganic pigment whose color is pseudo color mainly produced by light interference of metal or nonmetal oxide coating layer.There is no coloring matter, therefore no color change or removal will happen.
Arcpearl® Pigments is suitable to be used in the open air due to its characteristics of acid resistance, alkali resistance, high temperature resistance and high stability of light ensitization; it can be used in packaging materials of food and raw material of cosmetics because it does not dissolve in water, but disperses easily in water and other solvents.
What¡s more, it is harmless to human body.
Elegant pearl luster can be produced by mixing Arcpearl® Pigments with transparent pigments or dyes; avoid mixed use with opaque pigments or those with excellent covering power, such as Titania and ferric oxide, which will affect the pearl luster.
Arcpearl® Pigments is a kind of flat powder. Its particles size is an important index. The bigger the diameter is, the brighter the pearl luster is and the weaker covering power is, vice versa.