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Aluminium paste

VMP Aluminum Suspension


ACZ series is vacuum metallized aluminium pigment in form of solid suspension in solvent. It can give coatings chrome-plating effect. Compared with traditional leafing or non-leafing aluminium paste, it is very different in following areas:

  1. It has structure comprising of very thin aluminium flakes. Small dosage of this pigment can achieve better metallic effect than traditional aluminium paste.
  2. The aluminium flakes have very smooth surface, leading to high reflectivitiy and mirror-like effect of coatings that is uncompetable by using regular aluminium paste.
  3. Distinguished adhesion between layers can be achieved by this series.
  4. Combined with using of appropriate transparent pigments or chromatic coatings, a high class, colorful metallic effect can be created with ACZ series of aluminium suspension.

WATER-BORNE Aluminium Paste
Properties :
The silica-coated products can be dispersed in water, showing high compatibility with water, minimum gassing, and good weather resistance.

Typical Application:
For water-borne paint system and aqueous printing inks.

SOLVENT Aluminium Paste
Properties :
The advantages of LA aluminium pastes over Standart aluminium powders are dust-free processing and better dispersibility. The standard version contains white spirit and solventnaptha as solvents; if any incompatibilities with the named solvents occur, pastes are also available with other solvents.

POWDER Aluminium
Properties :
Concentrated and optimized particles distribution, Unique metallic luster, extraordinary brightness, high chroma and good hiding power, Anti – acid, Anti – Alkali and non – migration.
Easy to disperse and compatible with most systems.
Applications :
Paints and coatings, Plastics, Inks and Cosmetics.