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Crystal pigment technology is based on a silver coating on a glass substrate, using a novel manufacturing process.
Starlight will sparkle and surpass the brilliance and luster of other effect pigments currently available. One of a kind appearances and stylings can be created with these pigments in conjunction with colored pigments, to impress and enhance every possible application.
The perfectly flat, uniform glass flake substrate maximizes reflection and provides a solid base for optimum metallic appearance and the Micro Mirror effect.

Key Features

• Brilliant sparkle and shine
• Thin, small flakes
• Maximum light reflectivity
• Effective at low loadings
• Resistant to tarnish
• Stable in waterborne systems
• Applications
• Aerospace Coatings
• Automotive Coatings
• Industrial Liquid Coatings • Powder Coatings
• Electronics
• Plastics
• Inks
• Dispersions
• Packaging